Tracie Hitz

I started blogging on February 14, 2012 to share the successes and failures in all facets of my life in hopes that people can learn from my experiences. Whether it's landing a job or landing a man, building relationships plays a part in being successful so that's why I've shared personal and professional stories here.

In the first year, I posted here everyday with a mix of posts. For the last five months, I've continued to share every Tuesday and Thursday with a bigger focus on the professional side. With an opportunity to write about the personal side on another blog platform beginning June 24, this blog will now focus on the professional side. I will post here every Friday, and hope you will check out my dating blog every Monday and Thursday: You can also see my sports business articles on each week.
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Tracie in Twenty:

* hometown is Kickapoo, Illinois - graduating class in junior high had 15 people

* 3-time woodworking state champion

* had perfect attendance from kindergarten through high school

* was a twin

* childhood dream was to be a back-up dancer for Janet Jackson

* was the 560th member of the New Kids on the Block fan club

* can play the piano only with right hand - wanted to be a drummer, but parents bought HitStix instead

* will accept all tap dance challenges

* got cut from the JV soccer team in high school

* was The Fridge in The Super Bowl Shuffle performance in the grade school talent show

* pulled a muscle shagging soccer balls during a Chicago Fire halftime contest

* lived one block from Wrigley Field 

* nicknames include, T.Hitz, Tank, Hitzy, Queenie, Trey, Kickapoo Tornado, T-Bone, Hitzapalooza, Hugh

* blew out knee playing rec soccer and agreed to an ACL from a cadaver because the doctor said Carson Palmer had one 

* after sending a personalized Northwestern Football jersey as a thank you to Stephen Colbert, received a holiday card with a note that said “Thank YOU for making me more manly”

* won a Flip Cup Tournament playing with vodka-Red Bull

* was growled at by that jokester, Mike Tyson, after being startled by him when he came around the corner of a restaurant

* taught hip hop dance to at-risk high school kids in Chicago

* is a horrible cook and an even worse singer

* completed the Nashville Half Marathon