Tracie Hitz

I started blogging on February 14, 2012 to share the successes and failures in all facets of my life in hopes that people can learn from my experiences. Whether it's landing a job or landing a man, building relationships plays a part in being successful so that's why I've shared personal and professional stories here.

In the first year, I posted here everyday with a mix of posts. For the last five months, I've continued to share every Tuesday and Thursday with a bigger focus on the professional side. With an opportunity to write about the personal side on another blog platform beginning June 24, this blog will now focus on the professional side. I will post here every Friday, and hope you will check out my dating blog every Monday and Thursday: You can also see my sports business articles on each week.
Favorite Blogs

I knew I was kinda nerdy, but it became apparent to me when I realized how many people I was texting, tweeting and emailing about books we have read or were reading, so I decided to embrace this by starting a professional development book club with my friends in the sports industry.  We hold our “meetings” via Twitter (#PDBookClub) on the last Wednesday of every month beginning at 11 am eastern-5 pm.  I decided to have the meetings during the day to remind people that we need to make time for professional development.

The first book we read was Social BOOM by Jeffrey Gitomer, which among other things, actually got me to finally start blogging.  What I’m working through now is finding the balance on Twitter between my personal life and my professional life.  My blog was created to be a mix of them both, but some of my followers don’t care too much about my personal life while others aren’t interested in my professional life so it’s been a fun challenge to write posts and share them on Twitter in hopes of reaching those who might take something away from all of the experiences that are shared here.

I also took away some great tips to better use LinkedIn, which people addressed a few days later at the National Sports Forum so I felt super smart!  Here are a few takeaways from the other members from our first Book Club Meeting via #PDBookClub or you can check out the full transcript on Old Hat’s blog:

@TracieHitz - Question 1: To start the discussion, what was the best tip you took away for your personal brand and one for your job? #PDBookClub

@derickstoulil - A1: Need to do a better job with LinkedIn personally and need to develop a better plan integrating platforms professionally #PDBookClub

@DMayeaux18 - A1. Agreed w/@PolarBearPete Improving #LinkedIN page (keyword-rich focus). Making a reason for ppl to want to connect! #PDBookClub

@PolarBearPete - Question 2: What did you find you were already doing on Facebook that was suggested in the book? #PDBookClub

@DMayeaux18 - A2: The more attractive a page is the more connections will be made! Relative content is imperative to engagement! #PDBookClub

@ekraebber - A2. Validated points that I make to coaches about doing pages for them. Do ur own and be relevant bc only u know what u do. #PDBookClub

@TracieHitz - A2: Showing photos or videos on Facebook get more comments and feedback. Also, saying something that they won’t find anywhere. #PDBookClub

@TracieHitz - Question 3: How are you separating your personal use of twitter from your professional? Or are you? #PDBookClub

@rpr3 - A3: I tried to separate mine for a while, but it ended up just being a stream of consciousness, industry related and not #PDBookClub”

@ChrisKosmala - A3 I tweet more for industry-related content, not much personal. But I also try to have a personality, be interesting & relevant #PDBookClub

@ScottJurgens - A3: A little bit of everything, where I work now, industry stuff, where I use to work, my teams and my alma mater and tidbits #PDBookClub”

@PolarBearPete - Question 4: Of all the social media platforms what do you think is the most valuable for your profession? #PDBookClub

@ChrisKosmala - A4: @TracieHitz Agreed re LI and how I could use it better. @KTsportsmarket does sales training w/ it. He may have some good tricks #PDBookClub

@derickstoulil - A4: Twitter by far. Love seeing what others do at their respective schools. Great way to interact with people #PDBookClub

@TracieHitz - Question 5: What did you think about the info on blogs? Are your schools blogging? Are you personally blogging? Do you plan to blog? #PDBookClub

@MarkeishaDenise - A5: I dont blog & my school blogs for FB but thats about it. I think OU has done a great job with the #soonerhoopscrazy blog #pdbookclub

@MJFarrell - A5: I’m up on Tumblr for myself & @diabeteshappens. Great for visuals (photos & gifs) that make a statement. #PDBookClub

The last question was to pick the book for February, which we decided on "The Thank You Economy" by Gary Vaynerchuk.  We will be discussing the book on Wednesday so hopefully we’ll hear from you then.  Until then, check out this great video featuring Vaynerchuk that is sure to get you thinking!  Be ready to tweet beginning at 11 am eastern … #PDBookClub.