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I started blogging on February 14, 2012 to share the successes and failures in all facets of my life in hopes that people can learn from my experiences. Whether it's landing a job or landing a man, building relationships plays a part in being successful so that's why I've shared personal and professional stories here.

In the first year, I posted here everyday with a mix of posts. For the last five months, I've continued to share every Tuesday and Thursday with a bigger focus on the professional side. With an opportunity to write about the personal side on another blog platform beginning June 24, this blog will now focus on the professional side. I will post here every Friday, and hope you will check out my dating blog every Monday and Thursday: You can also see my sports business articles on each week.
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Yesterday I was part of the crew that put on a Live Chat for NACMA members that was a great discussion about implementing fan fests at sporting events.  Regardless of what the topic is for sports biz discussions, I usually chime in about constantly getting fan feedback to create and adjust your marketing plan.  Yesterday was no different.  I was happy to see that several schools were doing this because even if you receive some complaints, you can now address those to increase the fan experience.  I was particularly impressed by the way Craig Sandlin runs things at James Madison and grateful he was on the chat to share his philosophies.

Several people on the chat were trying to duplicate the success these other schools were having, but in hearing some of the other challenges at a few of these schools I suggested more research to figure out what their top obstacles where and to attack those. That just because a fan fest is the right answer for most schools, maybe these other schools have a few other things to address first.  It might be that just providing people with a place to set up their own tailgate is enough.

This is a good reminder in life too.  Just because you see a friend who is happier because they changed jobs or because they moved to a sunny state doesn’t mean those same changes will make you happy.  Do research on yourself to figure out what will work for you.  A lot of times people will tell me they don’t like their job, but when I dig a little deeper, they actually love their job, but the town is too small or that they haven’t made many friends yet, etc.  If you run from the wrong thing, you will never outrun it.

The same is true when trying to meet someone.  People will ask me to come along to a concert, charity event, etc. because one of their friends met a guy there.  They will take me to a concert for a band they don’t even like in hopes the same will happen to them.  I prefer to do things for me.  Go to things I like to do.  What I’ve found is you can make any spot a hot spot for meeting someone.  You just have to make an effort.  Sitting at a table at a bar all night with your friends hoping someone comes over to talk to you doesn’t always work, but you can make it happen.

I’ve worked in marketing for 15 years.  I should be able to market myself to find a date. I try different ideas and take note of what works and what doesn’t.  I’ve had to make a few adjustments between living in Chicago and Oklahoma City because the same things don’t work in both cities.  Yesterday’s live chat was another good reminder to figure out what works for me, not what works for someone else.