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I started blogging on February 14, 2012 to share the successes and failures in all facets of my life in hopes that people can learn from my experiences. Whether it's landing a job or landing a man, building relationships plays a part in being successful so that's why I've shared personal and professional stories here.

In the first year, I posted here everyday with a mix of posts. For the last five months, I've continued to share every Tuesday and Thursday with a bigger focus on the professional side. With an opportunity to write about the personal side on another blog platform beginning June 24, this blog will now focus on the professional side. I will post here every Friday, and hope you will check out my dating blog every Monday and Thursday: You can also see my sports business articles on each week.
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I only follow a handful of celebrities on Twitter because most of them don’t share the good stuff.  I started following Blake Shelton after watching the first season of “The Voice” because I noticed that his Twitter account really is an extension of himself, which means you never know what he’s going to say.  Being around people that candid used to stress me out when I was younger, but now I admire the courage it takes to truly be yourself. There’s something refreshing about speaking the truth.

Starting this blog was my attempt at sharing all parts of my life, not just the professional side.  There’s also something scary about the truth, so I find comfort in Blake Shelton’s tweets.  Take a look at what you can learn from him in just five days:

Commit to Twitter

He tweets several times a day depending on what he’s up to that day.  He doesn’t just tweet to tweet.  His tweets are interesting and almost always funny.

March 21: “Know how Madonna talks with an English accent just because? Jeez, I would never do something like that! But I am considering an eye patch..”

March 23: “I’m so drunk right now I just put my shoes on the wrong feet…. I’m not even sure who he was!!!!”

Share Real-Life Stories

I’ve been blogging about career advice, as well as my experiments in dating.  It’s personal for me, but I’m also bringing along my friends as part of this journey so I need to be conscious of that when sharing stories.  It helps to know who can handle being part of it.  His friends must be pretty awesome.

March 25: just asked if you can catch veal in the Caribbean…. I swear!!!!

March 24: “Hey … I’ll try to get you some followers but you at least need to cuss or be offensive or something..”

Respond to Everyone

Blake Shelton does cuss and can be offensive, which is what makes him fun.  He responds to a lot of his fans, even the ones who disagree with something he’s said or done.  You can’t please everyone.  Blake Shelton doesn’t try to.

March 24:Now I don’t like the language…so I am going to have to unfollow you. sorry…”

His response within minutes: “See ya!!”

He also responds to the positive tweets:


His response within minutes: “I love you too Samantha!!!”

Have One Twitter Account for Personal and Professional

Fans feel a connection with people who are real.  If you weren’t already convinced Blake Shelton is real on Twitter, he tweeted several photos teasing fellow country star, Dierks Bentley, about his hair, which really does look something like this photo he tweeted on March 22:

It’s cool to be part of these inside jokes.  Side note: I actually begged a non-country music-loving friend of mine to go with me to a Dierks Bently concert years ago and when he took the stage she looked at me and said, “You brought me to a concert with a guy who has a perm?”

Run Contests

Another tip is how he runs contests to thank his fans for supporting him.  Among them is the #TweetYourSeat that you also see sports organizations implementing.

March 22: call Bozeman. for a shot at the 1st row now! U Say: “I’m with in Sec X Row X Seat X”

He then tweets a photo of the winners, which is one of the most motivating techniques to encourage even more fans to enter in the future.  There’s just something about seeing that it’s possible to win.

March 22: “Say HI to our winner in Rapid City. BOZEMAN, U guys want in? Info here:

I love that those types of tweets come from him, and appreciate that he also keeps the sales side separate.  He’s not the one pushing the CDs, merchandise or concerts.  His management team does that.  He calls them “Team BS”, which is awesome.  They handle tweets like the one below, where they identify themselves as Team BS so people know the tweet isn’t coming directly from him.

March 22:  “Wanna know why Blake is nominated for this year’s Entertainer of the Year Award? Look no further: -Team BS”

Regardless of what the tweet is that comes from his account, it’s a reminder to share who I am without worrying about if people will like it.  You can’t duplicate the success of someone else because we are all different, but Blake Shelton inspires me to not be afraid to be myself.

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